About Us

Standard Data Corporation (SDC) is a leading provider of application software and IT services for union locals, district councils, Internationals and Taft Hartley Funds. The firm was founded in 1959, by Mark Iobst after a six year career with IBM based on the belief that artistic creativity and technical expertise could be applied in the development of complex custom software applications to meet the needs of labor organizations, non profits and corporations. Since its founding, Standard Data has considered the development of superior software systems and solutions an art form, and more than fifty years later this philosophy continues to be applied to all of the work we do on behalf of our many clients today from our headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey. 


While most of our clients are Taft-Hartley Funds, Internationals, District Councils or union locals we also work with non profits such as hospitals and with the public sector such as municipal, county and state government and with corporations. Our list of past and present clients and organizations for whom we have done work includes the NYC District Council of Carpenters, Maryland Transit Workers, Iron Workers, Carpenters Union, Public Service Electric and Gas, City of New York, Pace University, AT&T and hundreds of others. We offer our services throughout the United States and Canada with a special emphasis working in regions with high concentrations of organized labor including New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New England, Nevada, Illinois, California and Michigan. 


To remain an industry leader for more than 50 years Standard Data Corporation has invested heavily in research and development of new products, architectures, technologies and platforms, thus our products and services remain best of breed and keep us ahead of our competition and as far ahead as our clients desire so they can evaluate and implement new technologies and incorporate new hardware and software into labor organizations to improve daily business operations. Standard Data Corporation is constantly advancing the technology and security behind the benefits management systems, pension systems, membership systems, communication systems and scanning and work flow systems we offer to clients and to organized labor in general. SDC couples its commitment to technology with an equally important commitment to outstanding personal service based on our industry expertise, technical expertise, flexibility and commitment to continuing education and frequent in depth communication and documentation. 


SDC’s Mission & Commitment to Organized Labor :

For more than 50 years, the success of Standard Data Corporation has been closely associated with the success of  our friends in organized labor throughout the United States and Canada and therefore our commitment is to continue to provide best of breed technology solutions to organized labor groups of all kinds. Standard Data’s more than 50 year history of working with Taft Hartley Funds and organized labor means we have unique expertise in how organized labor uses technology to conduct business. Our longstanding partnership working with organized labor has resulted in the development of the following best of breed systems

  • Membership
  • Eligibility
  • Benefits Management
  • Pension
  • Scanning & Document Retrieval 
  • Reporting
  • Organizing, Recruiting & Communicating with Members & Retirees
  • Interactive Web Portals designed for Labor Organizations


When you choose Standard Data Corporation, you are choosing a company with an over 50 year history of creating software solutions for organized labor backed by the strongest commitment for personalized customer service in the Taft Hartley Industry. 


Locations :

Jersey City, New Jersey

Our corporate headquarters and technology development center. Here we develop custom solutions, host and support client applications, provide administrative services, and process millions of client transactions per year. Our IBM iSeries 520 processing environment runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This location is equipped with fibre-based and Internet communications systems, enabling us to be continuously on-line with our clients, business partners, and remote facilities.

Ewing, New Jersey

Our Image Processing Center provides high volume scanning services that include storage and retrieval of images, data capture via optical mark, optical character, intelligent character and bar code recognition. A sophisticated high-speed communications infrastructure permits images and data to be transmitted to our offshore locations for additional processing.

Vizag India, Manila Philippines

These three centers also provide large volume data entry and key from image processing only seconds away via our telecommunications infrastructure.