Our Values

Excellent Technology Since 1959

Since its inception, Standard Data Corporation has been devoted to creating solutions for large and small operations. To provide its clientele with the best solutions possible, Standard Data Corporation emphasizes the following:

1. Accurate Technology
SDC is dedicated to providing a technological solution that fits. SDC uses its over fifty years of industry experience and knowledge to create a solution that combines the best of established, current and leading edge technology.
2. Customer Satisfaction
By understanding the needs of each client in detail, SDC provides answers that meet the unique needs of each client. SDC is proud of and works hard to maintain its high level of customer satisfaction. SDC believes that the best solutions come from creative thinking and that there is an art to everything including customer service.

3. Staff Expertise and Innovation
SDC is dedicated to maintaining a dynamic work environment that encourages and rewards expertise and innovation. In addition, SDC staff understand that nothing less than quality work is acceptable.

4. Quality Results
SDC has a long-standing history of providing its clientele with quality results. SDC fully understands the value of the information it handles and refuses to cut any corners that will produce less than high-quality results.