Leadership Team

  Tony Andretta, President

Tony has virtually grown up in the imaging, data capture, and data processing business since getting his first introduction to Standard Data as a messenger as he was attending college at Fordham University. He was able to skip some rungs on the ladder by returning to the company as an account coordinator upon graduation. A combination of drive and a "passion for solutions" enabled Tony to quickly advance through the ranks as programmer, operations manager and senior projects manager. As Executive Vice President, Tony was directly responsible for the company's key acquisitions of its Amityville, Princeton and Jamaican facilities.

Now the President having overall responsibility for all of Standard Data business strategies and operations, Tony believes that his and the company's success has been built on solution-oriented service. "I don’t try to sell to clients. I listen and try to understand their problem so I can figure out a way to provide them with a solution."


M Srinivas, Tech Lead

M.Srinivas has over 10 years of IT experience in Software Development and Implementations expertised in Client-Server architecture based web applications. Since 8 years he is with ACN Infotech and responsible for development of various software projects for ACN INFOTECH and its group of companies in USA. 

Srinivas is responsible for  the complete development process of Benefits Managment System (BMS Web application) from India office (ACN Infotech, Hyderabad).