Electronic Data / Content Management System

Content Management software incorporates and distributes vital business information on demand, and will help your business streamline operations with improved productivity across the enterprise.   


Whether you are looking to store 100 or 100,000 pieces of paper or files daily – SDC’s Electronic Content Management (ECM) is the system that will meet your needs. Built on a feature-rich and user-friendly platform, it provides capabilities for electronic document management, records management, process automation, workflow, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, e-mail management and collaboration, and more. 

The system is designed to allow any size organization to deploy a powerful ECM solution, and to expand capabilities as business needs dictate. In its simplest form, SDC’s ECM allows you to scan or electronically import files, index, and store them for retrieval - ensuring that you get the document you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Documents within SDC’s ECM may be in paper or electronic form, and may come from a variety of sources. They may be scanned in, creating an “electronic photocopy” of an original paper document, received as an electronic fax, received via e-mail, or imported electronically. Documents may be monochrome or color images, word processing files, Excel files, PDF files, or even CAD files. The structure of documents is such that as new methods of acquiring information are defined they can easily be added to the system.

Our system provides easy and immediate access to everything - from decades old mainframe data to last month's remittance reports; from yesterday's member correspondence to next week's quarterly benefit statements. Even if you could consolidate and manage this information in a central electronic warehouse - converting it for web delivery via the Internet or through an Intranet would still be a daunting task.

With Standard Data Corporation's assistance, you will be able to consolidate, manage and deliver all of this information via your WAN, Intranet, or the Internet. With little or no manual intervention, our product securely delivers critical business information to anyone, anywhere easily.

Functional Highlights:
  • TaskFLO Module: Through an ad-hoc or structured interface, this module allows administrators or managers to define work processes and track work in progress right from the desktop.
  • Workflow Module: Includes a Business Rules Engine, which offers a complete set of tools to automate indexing and other document processes. If your requirements are highly sophisticated, this component provides the level of detail needed to implement complex processes.
  • Version Control and Audit Module: Allows users to share and collaborate in document creation. Popular features including check-in/check-out, version administration, and revision control, ensuring that the most current version of the document is always available. Utilizing this module allows companies to simplify document review procedures, improve quality control, and increase overall efficiency.

Web Interface/Web Server Module:

SDC’s ECM system provides access throughout your company enterprise. The Web Server Module allows for web-based (remote) access to the entire ECM system. The Web Server provides out-of-the-box user-interface templates based on XML and XSL, which can be customized to provide personalized interfaces for specific departments, groups or users. This module allows multiple users to access the ECM services and records, with no need for a separate publishing step. As with the client software, system functions and user-defined functions may be added or removed on the fly, without programming. SDC is equipped to host your application. Monthly hosting fees are typically very affordable. With our outsourced hosting model, there usually is no need to buy hardware or make additional space available at your site. We can have your organization fully image-enabled in a matter of weeks.


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