Our Services

Total Solutions Provider

Standard Data Corporation enjoys a long history of offering outstanding technology based services and systems. After more than four decades of solid product development and implementation, we continue to build our service offerings. SDC's strength as a unique services company provides us with the ability to challenge our achievements with new product development, while constantly working to improve upon our accomplishments. Our principal objective is to positively affect our clients business and to improve our value to our customers.

The recent accomplishments of Standard Data Corporation are numerous. We have strengthened the quality and stability of our unique ASP model by the technical and strategic enhancement of our in-place disaster recovery abilities. We recently have brought to the marketplace a powerful server based Electronic Content Management System, as well as a newly deployed Benefits Processing System, which has blended perfectly well with our ASP model. Our Data Entry division has undergone a recent major enhancement of its communication and network infrastructure to keep pace with the millions of lines of data entry we are under contract to produce. Our scanning division has recently completed the scanning of more than three million government documents in a record time. The SDC Image Processing Center is now bidding on a rapid turnaround, one-half million documents per week scanning project, and has recently won the renewal of a four million-page imaging, data entry contract.

We will continue to demonstrate our ability to run 24/7, predictably without failure, while efficiently embracing our customers operating environment. Blending our Internet expertise with sophisticated software functionality, we have entered an era of using the remarkable power of available technologies to serve our clients. We look forward to embracing the new and amazing technologies that will help us to serve you in the future.

As always, among its highest priorities Standard Data Corporation will continue to strive to attract the most qualified personnel, provide them with outstanding compensation and benefits, and provide a challenging yet enjoyable work environment. Our average employee has more than ten years of employment with our company. That is a testimony to the soundness of our relationships with employees and our clients.