Image Processing

Standard Data Corporation's Image Processing Center (IPC), located in Ewing, NJ, provides high volume scanning services for millions of documents each year.

Scanning and Imaging Services include:

  • ASP Image Hosting
  • Backfile Conversion
  • Forms Processing
  • Data Capture

There are three main objectives to information capture:

  1. Capture digitized images of documents, forms, drawings or pictures and sufficient ASCII information (indexes) to retrieve them.
  2. Capture the data content of the documents or forms for data manipulation
  3. Capture both 1 & 2 By converting paper to electronic format, scanners are capable of capturing data via:
    • optical mark (OMR)
    • optical character (OCR)
    • intelligent character (ICR)
    • and barcode recognition.

In addition, the IPC can scan single or double-sided documents of many sizes and characteristics. Depending on the type of documents to be scanned for a particular job, SDC will utilize an array of Kodak, Siemens, Panasonic, and/or Fujitsu scanners to meet the specifics project requirements. Images and data can be transmitted to other SDC locations for additional processing over our network.

Based on the objectives above, information capture projects fall into three categories:

1. One-Time Batch Packets

Generally, the objective of this type of project is to capture images of documents and/or pictures and/or data associated with some document archive. These projects are usually associated with a day-forward solution for either capturing the ongoing information as either images of documents and/or pictures or computer generated documents. These projects are commonly referred to as backfile conversions.

The goal of these projects is to eliminate the entire physical archive by capturing the images of the documents. Examples of this type are:

  • Invoice Records
  • Library Archives
  • Court Archives
  • Police Records
  • Human Resources - personnel records

2. Seasonal transaction packets

These projects involve the periodic capture of images and/or data from business forms. The typical objective of this type of project is to aggregate the data from the batch for information or statistical analysis.

Examples of this type are:

  • Market Research Surveys
  • Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Cyclical Inventory Processes

3. On-Going Daily Transactions

Generally, this type of project is associated with processes that require that the capture and distribution of the resultant transaction data be as close to real time as possible. The capture solution is normally a component in a wider workflow solution. These activities are normally referred to as forms processing projects.

Examples of this type are:

  • Continuous Marketing Promotions
  • Information capture that requires immediate attention - Accounts Payable transactions.
  • Transportation Bills
  • Medical Claims (HCFA, etc.)
  • Educational Test Documents

With the increasing interest in imaging and image-based workflow solutions, there is a very large body of emerging work to support archive image conversion associated with day-forward solutions. Standard Data Corporation is a natural candidate for this type of work since typically there is a need for significantly larger processing capacity than that afforded by the day forward equipment and labor configuration.

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