Data Capture

At our Image Processing Center, SDC provides high volume scanning services that include storage and retrieval of images, data capture via optical mark, optical character, intelligent character and bar code recognition.

Electronic Imaging is one of the most revolutionary technologies available today. Imaging eliminates the backlog sometimes caused by serial processing. Document imaging allows for parallel processing so that more than one user can have access to a pertinent document. At the same time, our imaging methodology helps to facilitate a "paperless" office environment that improves workflow. Standard Data Corporation's image processing software and services eliminates repetitive paper handling and storage by using scanners to digitize and convert documents and images to computer data. Documents and Images are electronically stored and are available for immediate retrieval by a system user.

What makes us unique is our ability through years of experience to select the best possible solution to meet the needs of our clients. Around 11,00 Employees working on two shifts, we perform DATA ENTRY on all types of forms including:

  • paper lists
  • survey results
  • enrollment data
  • business reply cards
  • medical claim forms
  • electronic transmission of images.


We capture the data from image and paper manually or capture the data through automated forms processing, using optical character recognition and mark sensed recognition.

Because of our customer-focused attitude and offshore capabilities, few service bureaus can compete with the quality, speed, and cost of Standard Data manual data entry, keying both from image and paper. By utilizing production analysis reports, document and image controls, key verification, statistical quality controls and our custom document tracking system, Standard Data guarantees the reliability and integrity of our clients' data.

As automated forms processing technologies improve, SDC can, with minimal manual intervention, dramatically reduce the cost of data capture. Our experienced programmers work in partnership with our clients to design automated processing friendly forms. Through these new technologies SDC can offer short turnaround with offshore prices.

Standard Data currently has three data capture locations, one domestic (Ewing, NJ) and two offshore (Hyderabad, India and Vizag, India). The operators in each location are cross-trained to act as emergency backup in case of disaster recovery or unexpected surges in volume. This enables us to consistently meet turnaround times in both the image and paper environment. Our offshore facility is monitored by project management domestically. We can receive a wide variety of documents via hard copy or images created from the client's site.

Pricing is driven by volume, turnaround, characters per record, clerical and special keying instructions.

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