Application Service Provider

ASP Fully Hosted Applications and Back Office Processing Services

Predictable Costs
Pay for what services are needed or actually used; organizations are able to implement a solution for a fixed monthly fee. Standard Data Corporation's ASP solutions can be implemented without the long, drawn out process of obtaining capital spending approvals. With an externally sourced solution, the cost is a budgeted monthly expense, which helps predict department costs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
In our outsourcing model, set-up and operating costs rest with us. Organizations are finding that they can reduce IT costs from 20% to 40% by outsourcing as opposed to running the job responsibilities internally.

Fast and Simple Implementation
SDC can set up a new customer with outsourced services in a relatively short timeframe. The reason: the hardware, software, networking infrastructure, and expert staff are already in place. We simply plug new clients into our existing system, customize to fit the requirements and they are up and running.

Leverage Application Expertise
As an ASP, we at SDC are experts in the applications we host and support. Unlike an internal IT staff, which is often asked to support a variety of often complex business applications, our staff is highly trained in the systems and applications that deliver our services. Additionally, outsourcing helps organizations deal with the struggles of hiring, training, and retaining skilled IT staffs.

Faster, Simpler Application Upgrades Centralizing application administration in a single location means that SDC's clients need not worry about purchasing or installing software upgrade releases. We purchase and implement new releases for our customers after thoroughly testing them.

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